365: Day 256 – Optimistic about politics

I feel incredibly proud to be part of the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization once more. With everything that has been going on in politics, it was easy to forget that Trump removed the United States from both. I don’t think I had discussed politics on here at all until very recently. I guess it was mainly because I wanted to avoid all the negativity, but now I feel proud and hopeful. Of course, the negativity is still there: today, Ted Cruz was criticizing President Biden’s executive order to put us back in the Paris Agreement, saying that our president cares more about the people of Paris than he does the workers of Pittsburgh. It was such an ignorant statement that this agreement has nothing to do with Paris specifically other than that is where the agreement was made. Thankfully, stupid statements like this from someone like Ted Cruz carry little power.
Earlier today, I finally finished reading Obama’s memoir, “The Promised Land”. I never envied a president’s job and have said many times that that is the last job/life I would ever want. They give up their freedom and anonymity with the world is watching their every move. After finishing the book, however, I felt for the first time that it would be an honor to give up your freedom as a private citizen to serve my country. I admire Obama’s work ethic hope to emulate it in a way that someday I may make a difference in other people’s lives.