365: Day 245 – If it’s better for the planet, I may just try less meat.

I grew up believing that no meal was complete without meat and vegetables were just some plate fillers used to save some money. For years, I have heard the guidance that red meat is not healthy and terrible for the environment. I thought it hypocritical of vegans and vegetarians who distaste processed foods yet will flock to these plant-based concoctions meant to imitate meat. It is such a highly processed product that I’d rather just still too plain natural meat.

Today, I was reading an article about making better choices, and it recommended alternative meat burgers even though they’re not necessarily healthier because they’re much better for the environment. I am not the type of person that will eat a particular food because it is better for me; rather, I am driven by its taste. So it’s no surprise that I find forgoing meat a bit of a sacrilege. Thinking about the planet, however, does make me question my choices.

So I may just be inclined to buy an impossible burger or a beyond burger next time.