365: Day 244 – Rare dinner

Indoor dining in Los Angeles has been prohibited since March of last year and it has felt like an eternity since I last had a nice proper steak. I love my steaks rare, but I will only order it like this from the better steakhouses. So we decided to get takeout from a very nice steakhouse. I felt a little weird going to pick up our order in shorts and t-shirt for a restaurant that has a dress code. To top it all off, I enjoyed this delicious meal paired with a nice wine sitting on the couch and using a tray table. The experience was far from an upscale steakhouse dinner, but the food was delicious and my mouth started shedding tears of joy. The sides were lobster mac-n-cheese and seared ahi tuna. Now I’m going to either have to walk for miles and miles or fast for a few days to compensate for this decadent meal. 🙂