365: Day 241 – A stain on our nation

I had spent the entire morning refining a presentation I was going to give via Zoom when I at last had to take a break to give my aching back a break. I turned on the television for some background noise while I prepped for lunch. My heart sank and I got goosebumps as I saw the images of what was going on in our nation’s capital. It was a scene of anarchy and insurrection. The mob wreaking havoc in the Capitol was proudly flying Trump flags as our senators and members of congress were sheltering in place and eventually evacuated. Trump meanwhile was sitting quietly in the sidelines. His words had incited this atrocity. Where were his calls for the national guard to deal with these thugs? Where were the calls for “LAW AND ORDER”? It was a painful contrast to his reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests and unrest. It was clear now more than ever that difference in response was due to a difference of the racial representation of the two groups. We’ve always prided ourselves as a nation on our peaceful transfers of power and today that pride has been stained. I am now glad that there are only two weeks left of Trump in the White House, but I sincerely hope that piece of shit can be removed from office before then and that he is held accountable for the damage he has done to our country. I am furious and ashamed.