365: Day 234 – Quick thought on 2020

I wonder how 2020 will be looked upon one hundred years from now. I imagine it will be mostly forgotten and a bore to study. How many of us new before the current pandemic that 1918 was the year of the Spanish Flu? That it shared the stage with World War I? I imagine I’m not the only person who would have though it a bore to pick up a book on that period of time. I hope the collective hardships of this year serve as lessons on how to improve our world and prevent similar situations. I definitely consider myself one of the lucky ones this year, but it still has led me to reflect on these crazy times that we are living through. I have faith that we will soon be in a much better place. Before we reach this better place we need to be mindful of what led us here to begin with and how to avoid repeating our same steps again sometime in the future.