365: Day 229 – Christmas Day

Today I am grateful for having briefly seen most of my family. We couldn’t all be together like we usually would, but instead of lamenting how different this Christmas is, I am grateful that we have all remained safe and healthy. I’ve heard many times throughout this Christmas season that we need to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. More than ever, I think this is important.

Whatever your belief or faith is, the story of Jesus’ birth, life, and death is a powerful one with a beautiful message. At its most basic level, isn’t it beautiful to think that an all-powerful God would send his only son to the world to save us? Compare it to other stories such as those from Greek mythology and see just how different the one of Jesus is. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic schools my entire life except for university. I know what the teachings of the church are, but I came to question them as I became an adult and learned more and more about science. You could say I applied the scientific method in my search for evidence and always came empty-handed. However, the thing about spirituality and religion is that it is meant to be a journey without end. There is no finish line when it comes to faith. Faith requires questioning and reaffirming your belief even in the absence of concrete evidence.

We are one tiny life on this enormous planet that is ultimately a nearly infinitesimally small speck in the whole universe. This universe may itself be a part of a far larger body–a multiverse, perhaps. And this possible multiverse as it exists today is a snapshot in time of a possibly infinite continuum of time. How can I then reject the notion of God based on the scientific methods of a species that has been aware of itself for only a split second when compared to the age of the known universe? We can neither prove nor disprove. So the only thing we can do is have faith and on this Christmas Day.

I believe.