365: Day 220 – Peaceful Walk

Last night I was ready and looking forward to getting a quick few words in. However, the next thing I remember is waking up sometime after 5 in the morning with my computer open on the bed and not all the lights turned off. I was so exhausted last night after a day of much work. It turns out that today was almost just as busy, but I’m taking some time for writing.

Yesterday, I went on a 3-mile walk. I did not get up as early as I wanted to and had given up on the idea of taking a walk. However, I was overcome with a desire to be outside and wanted to give myself some time for reflection. In the spirit of reflection, I started out listening to a Catholic podcast that focused on finding joy in your life. It had a nice message, but I really wanted just some time to contemplate the scenery and let my mind roam free as well. So I started listening to some traditional Japanese music. It was very peaceful. I then later switched to listening to Gregorian chants. Both of these music styles transported me to different time periods that were simpler and not as fast-paced as the modern world, where everything is competing to steal your attention.

I want to expand a little more on my desire to eliminate the “noise” of the modern world, but it is getting late, and I am frankly tired of staring at a screen all day. So in the spirit of minimizing unnecessary digital noise, I will end it here and read a book before falling asleep.