365: Day 198 – Feels good to stay committed to something.

I have previously slipped up on posting here every day and in the past I would ended things there being proud of my streak until that point and that was that. Instead, I remain committed to these daily posts and continue to press forward despite the imperfections. It may seem silly to others, but I’m actually quite proud of myself!

Now on to other topics. I have been watching a show called Grace and Frankie on Netflix (actually it is my second time watching it), and love watching the dichotomy between the two main characters: one is a woman focused on rules, efficiency, and decorum; and the other is the free spirit. While I admire and strive to be Grace (the one all about the rules), I admire the spirit of Frankie who names her subconcious and records self-affirmations for herself. So to loosen up my spreadsheet and decorum loving butt, I will name my subconcious Wagner! We’ll see if down the road I’ll remember that I’ve given it a name.