365: Day 185 – Day Off

I’m continuing the unimaginative task of writing about my day. It is Veterans Day today and therefore had the day off becaue my main client is a public agency. I thought this was one of those holidays that was observed on either a Monday or a Friday, but I guess I am wrong and it is observed on whatever day it happens to fall on. All of this to say that I think it’s strange that we were given a Wednesday off. However, I ended up liking the fact that we were off on Wednesday because it broke up the week quite nicely.

I usually would use this day to catch up on a few administrative tasks, but instead, I spent the day doing a whole lot of nothing except for a few house chores. It felt quite nice and I won’t apologize one bit for enjoying my day off in such an unproductive manner.

I watched a fair amount of the Hallmark Channel today and enjoyed the romantic Christmas feel-good movies they played. The Hallmark Channel is often criticized for its conservative values and lack of diversity, but I honestly like the channel. I enjoy watching these idealized fantasies as an escape from so much that has gone on this year. It’s a great antidote to having observed too much of the news.

There is one thing that I did do today that wasn’t a waste of time. I spent some time this morning investing a little bit in the stock market. I’m curious to see how some of the hardest-hit companies will fare after this pandemic settles down. There are quite a few industries devastated, but I feel will eventually recover as people slowly return to their habits.