365: Day 179 – Need Inspiration

I have been struggling with writing these last few days. It is not so much that I have been busy, but more that I have lacked inspiration. I guess there is only so much you can write about while spending so much time at home and avoid discussing politics at all costs.

So I figured I would force myself to write about my lack of inspiration tonight to brainstorm and think about what I could do. I could delve into current events even though they are quite political. I have thought about writing about the things I read.

My dilemma is that I want to produce those amazing blog posts that are going to attract a wide readership in my mind. However, the reality is that I am really just writing for my own benefit. I like this being an exploration of my thoughts and a practice for writing. Also, I have always had a reluctance to writing about my day to day life. I am the quiet person in the room who likes to take it all in and think about things but rarely offer an opinion. Except, of course, when I get mad or annoyed, then I will let people know every thought I ever had while being quiet. Hah!

So as I continue this little year-long project, I am looking for inspiration to march forward.