365: Day 166 – Vindication by Journal

I have not been the best about keeping up with a journal, but I do occasionally write in one. I was accused by a few people a couple of years ago that I disappeared from social media and changing in other ways because I was desperately trying to emulate my partner. So I found it interesting tonight when I was reading previous journal entries and found this particular one:

I deliberately chose not to go run with [my running group] this morning. I want to run, but I seem to be bored by the group: like a production that has run its course. I’m turned off by all the gossiping that goes on. Especially now that I’m enjoying keeping my affairs far more private. [A professor of mine] this week talked about the importance of staying relevant and continuously reinventing oneself: I think this is part of my reinvention – my renewal. I’m bored of social media and chasing after every new “foodie” place…

Saturday – August 25th, 2017

This was about a year before I met my partner, so it was very vindicating that me going to less restaurants, not running with my group, and staying off social media was entirely my decision and not influenced by anyone.

The other thing that stood out was the bit about the importance of staying relevant and continuously reinventing oneself. This was a business lecture and was focused on remaining competitive in the business landscape, but it is relevant to so many areas in life. So after finishing this post I dedicate some time to introspection and see what areas in my life could use some reinvention and renewal.