365: Day 162 – Travel Blogging

Call if cabin fever, but I’ve been really giving this travel blogging a strong consideration. It would be lovely to eventually take a break from my career and just explore the many places and cultures of this world, but a more realistic approach for me would be to write about interesting things to do on the weekends more locally with the occasional international trip. Contemplating a life dedicated to traveling and writing is about as common as being a foodie these days, so I want to make sure this travel blogging is uniquely my own.

One of my favorite domestic trips was a trip to New York City for the main purpose of attending a performance of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde and it was also an excuse to enjoy a fancy dinner before the opera. Writing about trips like this would be my idea because they encompass travel, music, and dining.

However, it’s not sufficient to merely go on trips to have a successful blog. Perhaps more importantly is my ability to write well. So I’m researching other travel blogs (call it competitive analysis) to see how they engage their audiences. So to start off, I am following these three blogs to learn and get some inspiration:

  • Everything—everywhere.com
  • LuxeAdventureTraveler.com
  • TheTravelCamel.com