365: Day 153 – No walk today

I woke around 7am this morning and I procrastinate on heading outside for a walk and used my flu shot as an excuse. I got an email from my health insurance that they were offering the flu vaccine through drive-thru at one of the local hospitals and they began at 9am. I wanted to be there as soon as they opened so we headed to the hospital. While I feel guilty about missing my walk, I at least feel I did something productive for my health.

The drive-thru was located inside the parking structure. There were screams and please to stop from children ahead of the line of cars. Inside this cavernous structure, it seemed for a moment as if we were inside a ride at Disneyland where we were moving closer toward a precipitous drop up ahead. I pitied the kids, but the whole situation was quite amusing.

I also spent some of my time today researching running apps to see which one I wanted to commit to using. I have use a few in the past, but it has been some time since I last regularly used them. I have decided to go with Strava and even signed up for the 30-day free trial of their paid subscription.