365: Day 149 – Things that made me happy

There is a coworker that continues to frustrate me because of this persons selfish and unethical behavior, so rather than end my day thinking about the negativity, I’d like to write about the things that I am grateful for.

The cool microphone I bought that makes my workspace look like a recording studio came in handy today. In my full-time job—the one I love and feel very grateful for—we hosted an event for small businesses where they can learn about how to be competitive in the market. We had about 100 people attend this virtual event and I would relay questions from the audience to the presenters. It was quite fun to be monitoring the presentation and reading and asking questions that attendees typed in.

The other thing that made me happy today may be some over sharing on my part. Today I received a bidet seat and I installed it on one of our toilets. I hate the free-standing bidets that are separate from the toilet that are found in many European hotels, but I loved the bidet seats that you find in most Asian hotels. I just think it’s much more sanitary to take care of all your business in one sitting. Bidets in the U.S. are not very common outside of Asian households. I’ve been meaning to stope by one of the stores that sells these, but because of the pandemic I am relegated to having to do my shopping online and doing my research there. So it arrived today and immediately proceeded to installing it.