365: Day 148 – Improving time management

Today was fairly productive but there is always room for improvement. I wrote the other day about the 2-minute rule and sadly I didn’t consciously think about that today. I think I need to come up with a list of two-minute things I can do whenever I need a quick break from work.

I was watching another video today on productivity and they were talking about a “20-second rule”. I immediately thought there isn’t really much you can do in 20 seconds, but it turns out they were referring to something else entirely. This video was focused on building good habits and breaking bad ones. The 20 seconds refer to making chores you should be doing easier by setting them up in such a way that you eliminate the 20 seconds it may take to initiate that activity. For example, if you need to sweep outside, make sure to leave the broom where you can immediately pick it up instead of having to spend time looking for it. If you’re trying to break a bad habit, then the object is to make that activity in such a way that it will take longer than 20 seconds to initiate that activity. The example here would be if you’re trying break out of the habit of watching TV as soon as you get home, try removing the batteries from the remote and put them away in a drawer somewhere. Having to retrieve the batteries and installing them will be a deterrent to immediately watching TV.

My day is now at an end, so I wil aim to implement these strategies into my day tomorrow.