365: Day 147 – Trying to journal

I will try journaling here for a few days to change things up a bit. Since there is not much of an audience (and that was never the intent) and writing every day makes it difficult to come up with ideas, I will try to journal for a little bit. So here it goes…

Today I woke up at 9am. There was a point in my life where I thought 9am is pretty early, but I now feel like 9am is definitely considered sleeping in on the weekends. Had a light breakfast and then installed a couple of new door knobs. House chores just never seem to end, but I tackling something every day really makes me feel proud afterwards. Like yesterday, for example, the spigot for the house was leaking when you turned it on and I was able to fix it thanks to some handy advice from the manager at the hardware store.

After the morning errands, we were to Costco to get some spicy salmon poke which we brought home to mix with some green onions and bean sprouts to serve over some steamed rice. Then headed out to pick up my car from the charging station (free charging!). Then washed the truck, went out for groceries, a few items from Target and then came back to eat some Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup! The res of the evening was spent preparing for the workweek and writing on here.