365: Day 143 – Striving for organization

Today I was watching some videos on Youtube by Graham Stephen while doing some work. I am very interested in his videos as they mainly deal with building wealth and being financially responsible. One of the most important factors in managing money well is self-discipline over a long period of time. It is something most people fail to do. So I am always looking for new ways to improve my organization and self-discipline.

My favorite piece of advice today is called “the two-minute rule”. This rule says that anything that requires two minutes or less to complete should be done immediately. The logic is that you’ll get satisfaction from doing tasks that require very little effort and this accomplishment will compel you to tackle larger tasks. Not only that, but it also helps declutter your mind from worrying about meaningless little tasks. So why two minutes? If you plan for or leave for later something that can be accomplished in as little as two minutes will probably take you longer to think about it, organize your thoughts around it, and schedule it.

I tried this two-minute rule throughout the day today and really did feel quite proud of myself for getting several little tasks out of the way that I kept leaving for later. I also felt that it got me into a productive mindset that had me inching to chisel away at other tasks.