365: Day 137 – A little license to be fun

I at times write about how I love and feel comfortable when things fall into order and nothing stands out in any major way, but that I’m also torn because a part of me admires the free-spirits out there. I can be so anal that I will spend a considerable time scrutinizing even the fonts that I use. So earlier today I decided to allow myself to change the fonts for the headings on my website. Nothing extreme, of course, just something that looks like it was handwritten since I also love writing by hand. I was insanely busy today so I only allowed myself fifteen minutes to make that minor change since fifteen minutes would have been far too short to write anything.

So today I feel quite accomplished because I was very responsive to all my emails and managed to get in all my reports in on time and with time to spare. My biggest pride is a report for a client that is super focused on the details and I have completely revamped the format to present the data in a way that is clear and easy to understand. It bugged me to see the client constantly asking explanations and clarification on the numbers. There is nothing wrong with that, but a quality report should be easy to read and comprehend. I was working on this new format until about half past midnight, so I probably won’t hear from the client until Monday morning. Needless to say, I missed my self-imposed midnight deadline for this blog, but I’m still taking the time to write this before bed because these daily posts have become something engrained into my daily routine and something I genuinely look forward to.