365: Day 136 – Sometimes I wonder

This is my cat, Gandalf, and he sometimes makes me wonder about him. I catch him in the weirdest poses and I’m never quite sure if he is grooming himself or if he is doing yoga. If only I could be that flexible. There are few things as disheartening and being in most uncomfortable position thinking you’re doing yoga beautifully only to look at yourself in the mirrored walls to see that your posture is less than graceful.

Sometimes I’m caught wishing to be like my cat and just go about my existence shamelessly and without a care in the world. At other times I seem to renew a vow to not break decorum and do my best to fit into the social norms. I guess I can describe myself as a fairly boring individual with a wild imagination.

It’s nice to have a daily reminder in my cat to let myself be myself from time to time: especially in these increasingly chaotic times that have me seeking refuge in routines, rules, social norms, and decorum.