365: Day 135 – Longest Streak Ever

I am quite proud of myself for having made it this far. A few years ago I went for a daily running streak that lasted for 131 days. In those months I was running just over 100-120 miles per month. The different then was that I never set out to run every day for a given period of time. I just decided I would run every day and see how long I could keep that up. I’m inclined to say that a running streak is more difficult because unlike writing on a blog, you can’t just lay down on your bed at then end of the day, open up your laptop, and start typing away.

However keeping up a daily blog post is not without its challenges. I often struggle with thinking about what to write. At times I battle with fatigue at the end of busy days. On a few occasions I’ve wanted to write about more personal topics, but I censor myself because I don’t want this space to just be a space where to angrily rant like so much of social media these days.

Probably the best way to attract an audience is to stir up some controversy: be it political or claiming to know the [insert random number here] best [insert random subject here] you must experience before you did. In this little corner of mine I seek to sow no discord and claim no knowledge of anything. I am looking forward to the next 230 days.