365: Day 132 – Ruth Bater Ginsburg’s love of opera

I read a wonderful article in the New York Times about Ruth Bater Ginsberg’s “intense love” for opera. I wholeheartedly understand this almost obsessive passion for the art form. I loved reading about her sometimes going to a dress rehearsal, opening night, and then closing night–I did this myself a couple of times. 

And of course I love her because she went to every performance of Wagner’s Ring in Washington.

I certainly can’t compare myself in terms of accomplishments to this extraordinary woman, but I can at least relate to her in terms of opera. But rather than me continuing to write on the subject, I highly encourage you to read the article linked below.

“Most of the time, even when I go to sleep, I’m thinking about legal problems; but when I go to the opera, I’m just lost in it.”

-Ruth Bader Ginsberg