365: Day 131 – How do I write?

I’ve mentioned before that I like the introspection that comes with writing on a daily basis. Tonight, I decided to turn that attention to my writing to identify the ways in which I am most inspired and productive at writing. If I want to romanticize the idea of writing, I imagine myself in a cute coffee shop with a city scape just outside the window; with some faster paced instrumental music to show the passion of time as I type my life away; or think of myself with some nostalgic alcoholic beverage while in a far away land as I sit in my hotel room (late into the night or early in the morning–I have yet to decide).

The truth is, none of these are me. I like writing in silence and can be at any hour of the day, but more likely than not it is in the late night hours that I do most of my writing. Occasionally I put on some classical music for inspiration. However, I have to be careful as I am easily distracted by classical music and can find myself lost in the music and oblivious to whatever it is I am supposed to be doing.

Why am I writing about this nonsense? To actively thing about my writing and identify the settings at which I enjoy writing the most. To identify where I can best find my muse.