365: Day 123 – Macau via Hollodeck

It’s time for another imaginary escape a la StarTrek hollodecks. In some of these episodes, the characters will go to the hollodecks and reenact scenes from stories or play certain figures in history. So tonight in my imaginary hollodeck I will be James Bond at a Macau Casino Bar just like in Skyfall. Only in this instance, let’s say James Bond (me) has a day off and there will be no crazy shootings and impossible escapes on all sorts of vehicles.

I arrive at Macau via the yacht I took from Hong Kong and it is of course night time and the harbor is gleaming with the city lights. I walk down the pier to where my Aston Martin is waiting for me. In case you’re wondering, I am absolutely wearing my tuxedo and ready to gamble the night away and intermittently pick up a martinis from the bartender I’ve been coquettish since the first drink. My favorite Macau restaurant is now closed but the musicians continue to play the slow jazz appropriate to a late night lounge and cocktails. I am taken to a readied table in front of the musicians and am greeted by the chef who wants to make sure his menu for the evening will be to my liking. The sommelier presents me with wine pairings he is particularly excited about.

All is good and the music plays on…