365: Day 121 – Mass and Religious Music

Even before the pandemic, it had been a while since I have gone to mass and I have found myself missing it. For most of my life I had gone to mass every week and it had become a bit of a chore to do the same thing week after week. I attened out of habit and not really out of a personal desire. I want to take my parents after this we are safe enough from this pandemic to be able to go in person. In the meantime however, I find myself listening to a lot of religios music: the gregorian chants, the nun choirs, and the children’s choirs singing in latin. For someone who loves classical music and the traditional, this is nothing short of heavenly. I close myself and imagine myself in Cathedrals–at times in present day at times centuries ago. This music is timeless and gives me faith that we will get through this awful pandemic.

Below are a videos of some of the music I’ve been listening to. Enjoy with an open mind!