365: Day 113 – Music in my home office

While I am still sorting through lots of boxes, I decided to prioritize setting up my sounds system in my home office. I am deeply passionate about classical music and I just couldn’t bear to continue listening to my beloved music through laptop speakers. There is just far to many subtleties, details, and elements to classical music to be able to properly listen to on under-powered speakers. One of the things that most bothers me is when companies use classical music for their music-on-hold. It is sacrilege.

Now I can close my eyes in my home-office an almost feel as if I were in the concert hall listening to classical music. There is an indescribable warmth and clarity to the sound of live music that is still missing, but it is close enough.

I just realized that this is my first post from the new “headquarters” of this blog. I have done a few posts from this new house now, but this is the first time I am actually writing from my office. The area is much more residential so it is far quieter than the previous place and it is beautiful! It makes listening to music and reading a book so wonderful!