365: Day 109 – Dreaming of a Holodeck

If you’ve seen any of the Star Trek series, you are probably familiar with the concept of the Holodeck. For those of those of you that are not familiar, it is a room where you can load a virtual world of your choosing.

In an earlier post I mentioned how I believed travelling outside our solar system will probably never be possible and certainly never in my lifetime. There is that big issue of time and approaching the speed of light. So the next best thing in science fiction that I do imagine will be possible in the near future is some type of completely immersive virtual reality–we are already seeing the early iterations of this.

All this to say: it is my greatest wish to have this technology available. Escape reality for a moment and time-travel, be the conductor of an orchestra, travel to new destinations near and far, real and fantasy. If only I could now choose a world and a life as easily as streaming a song or a movie. I’m currently listening to Beegie Adair play “A Kiss To Build A Dream On”. In my imaginary holodeck, I’m in that lovely Hong Kong bar with dark wood grain, red velvet, and dimmed lights. Perhaps I’m alone and under the spell of the pianist. Behind him a view of Victoria Harbor. No he’s moved on to playing “Dream”. It’s past midnight and the audience is quiet. Couples looking at each other with glossy eyes some canoodling, others reaching across the table in a subtle embrace of the fingers that say I still love you after 40 years.

The possibilities are endless for my storytelling mind to be unleashed and my emotions to run rampant. I was about to post a picture or what I am imagining, but on second thought…humor me and in the spirit of this post let your mind take the reigns and let it take your where it may.

…and the pianist is now playing “Deep in a Dream”…