365: Day 100 – Made it to 100

I honestly doubted myself at the beginning of this of being able to cross into triple digits, but I’ve made it. I think there was just a post or two that I missed and later made up or noted. My longest streak for doing anything has been 131 days and that was back when I was running every day. Definitely more physically exhausting than running, but it was much easier to just get up and go…not much thinking involved there.

I am once again exhausted and tired and past my midnight deadline (staying honest), but I’m still finding this little daily writing exercise quite therapeutic and something I want to make sure I don’t go to bed without doing.

These past 100 days have taught me that I do love to write even though on some days I may be writing about nothing particularly interesting. I have learned that to accomplish any task and build habits, you really need to stay committed no matter what: I feel pretty confident that I’ve turned this writing thing into a habit now. I have also discovered that I’m not always sure of what I want to do next or what I’d like to do long term: both in life and in this blog.

What do I dream this blog could be? In a perfect world, I would like this to be strictly a travel blog where I would spend the rest of my life just exploring this world, experiencing different cultures, and capture it all on my camera and in my writing. Ideally it would be a trusted resource for traveling the world over, but at the very least it would be a memoir of my experiences.

*I am backdating this post 1 hour just to keep it on the appropriate calendar date, but I’m being honest with you and admitting that I stayed up past midnight to right this.