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365: Day 99 – Not ghosts after all…

It turns out the restaurant scene I was looking at last night was not something that happened by chance or in error. Last night, there were testing the restaurant music, lights, and general set-up in preparation for today’s opening. Restaurants are still not permitted to have diners indoors in Los Angeles, so they set up their outdoor area and also sat people on the sidewalk.

I did not find out that they had opened or set up on the side walk by walking past the restaurant, looking out the window, or even looking over my balcony. Instead, I wanted to give our balcony plants a respite from our record-breaking heat by pouring water over their leaves. I imagined the plants thanking me for the refreshing water, but instead they gasped and as I continued to water they yelled “hey, stop with the water!” I discreetly went inside and carefully looked down to the street from my window and realize that I had poured some refreshing water over some unsuspecting diners.

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