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365: Day 89 – Dreaming of winter and cold mountain tops.

It is a little earlier in the night, but it somehow feels much later, much deeper. I have always loved the night, the cold, cloudy weather, the far north. Most people seem to flock to the sunshine and the heat of the tropics if given a choice. Winter and darkness drives people away. I’m the weird creature that is happiest in these environments. A few years ago I went to the local mountains with some friends from grad school over a weekend and on the last day–after breakfast–I hopped in my car and drove higher up the mountain. As far high as the road would take me and then I got out of the car and walked around a little. I was alone, it was cold, and I was surrounding by a glorious setting of mountain peaks standing strong against the clouds below with exposed granite where the mountain was too steep for snow to cling on to. The trees near me were heavy with snow and the ground was covered with what seemed like a dozen feet of fresh powder. The silence and the solitude was divine! The midday sun was bright, but not providing much warmth. It probably wasn’t the most intelligent thing to do to be high up in the mountains all alone without telling anyone where I was. I could have spent an eternity taking in this beautiful landscape, but alas I couldn’t spend too much time in this heaven or I’d risk a one-way trip to actual heaven–at least I hope that will be my ultimate destination. So I walked back to my car and slowly made my way down the mountain plunging into the dense clouds and falling snow. The mountain sides the road weaved around disappeared both above and below. They became ghostly images slowing appearing in front and fading in the rearview mirror. The silence here was broken by my snow chains clicking and clacking on cleared pavement and the sound of crushing snow on stretches with more virgin snow. Eventually I made it off the mountain, and looking back at her she stood tall and veiled…hiding her beautiful winter wonderland.

The next time I went on a little solitary snow adventure would be miles on foot, on flat ground, farther north, and much colder. To be continued…

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