365: Day 76 – The Canals of Venice…no not that Venice!

Los Angeles has its very own Venice canals, but by Venice I mean Venice Beach, not Venezia. You won’t find any business or tourist attractions here, just some beautiful walkways weaving alongside the canals and in front of some beautiful and eclectic homes. I originally wanted to write some tips and a little narrative, but I think the pictures speak for themselves. I love how some of these canals look just like a normal street would with homes having a walkway from their front door, through their front yard, and out through a gate to what looks like an ordinary sidewalk. Except of course that the roadway has been replaced by a waterway.

You can spend 15 minutes here or an hour, it’s really up to you. At a later date I will put together a little day trip itinerary to see some of the nearby sites and sample some of the eateries around here, but for now please enjoy these photos I took during our exploration of these canals.

I recommend coming here and just go up and down the canals at random, cross a bridge or two, and maybe with down the community lending library and read along the water’s edge. Don’t come with an itinerary, just walk, relax, and enjoy. You can access the canals from multiple points so I would just recommend heading down the the Venice or Marina Del Rey areas and then find the canals.