365: Day 70 – Writing early, making plans.

I am enjoying this daily writing exercise even though I don’t think the quality of each post is all that great. Eventually I want to spend days working on a single post to perfect it, but I remind myself to be patient and that completing this 365 project will eventually help my writing. Already it is starting to become a routing that I need to write something ever day, but unfortunately I usually try to quickly type something in about 20 minutes before the clock strikes midnight. Yesterday, I started to write something earlier, but then scrambled again close to midnight to finish it up. I am resolved to get myself into the habit of writing much earlier, working on it throughout the day, and hitting that publish button at the latest by 10pm.

Part of the reason I don’t write on here until late at night is because I am usually not doing something that I think most people will find interesting. At the moment there is of course no travelling, food is squeezed in between work duties, and my beloved classical music concerts were cancelled for the rest of the year.

But I do write. I write in a disorganized way here and there about places and foods that I find interesting. These are little research notes and scribbles that live on some notebook pages, post-it notes, and computer notes. I can use some organization to these scattered notes and I know people will find some interest in my little research here and there. I feel excited just thinking about doing this. I will post things I want to do, foods I want to eat, and places I want to see and organize them in some way. That way when this pandemic is over I will have plans ready to go.

I am not giving up on writing on past travel experiences, but these posts merit more effort in curating my many pictures, notes, and memories. Once I develop a habit of writing earlier, I am thinking I will have past travels post in the works and publish on the weekend once I am happy with it.