365: Day 69 – Sunday

I had full intention of writing a lot more yesterday, like I usually do every day. However, I got caught up I looking for things for the house and before I knew it the clock was nearly at midnight. So I just posted a quick picture and continued looking for things until past 2am.

Today, got up around 8am to head out and get groceries from multiple places before lines start to form. So I poured myself some cold-brew coffee that I make myself and started with my caffeine intake to jumpstart my day.

First up is Trader Joe’s and then to 99 Ranch and had some lunch we picked up from Momo’s Bistro–a restaurant with very traditional Taiwanese dishes. Ended up eating quite a bit so by the time dinner came around we weren’t very hungry so we quickly put together the above dish of dry noodles (noodles cooked and then removed from the water) and added cilantro, green onions, and fried egg. The noodles brought three pouches of sauces that are added and mixed together. It was so delicious!!

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