365: Day 64 – When was the last time?

What triggered today’s thoughts to write on here was Nintendo 64 because it’s my 64th post. It sounds silly, but it got me thinking that we rarely know when is the last time we’ll be doing something. For example, I don’t remember the last time I played Nintendo 64 and what would have I have thought in that moment if I knew if would be the last time. I remember when I was little pretending a few times I would be asleep after a long drive in the car late at night, so my dad could carry my up the stairs: when was the last time when I was little and light enough for that to happen? What was the last lesson I had from my piano teacher? What was the last time I hung out with my business school team? How did I feel on my last trail run through Griffith Park?

It’s interesting to look back on things in this was and a bit melancholic. How about the future? What will the first time be like? What will my first visit to Taiwan be like? When will it happen? What will the first day of my new position be like? What will that position be?

Both past and future are mysterious in their own ways.