Day 72 – 2xx.x pounds

Day 72 – 2xx.x pounds

D.72-2xx.x – I am not sure why, but these last few days I’ve been less inspired by the art of food and instead have spent my time exploring, looking around for inspiration, and feeling a desire to capture emotions and in turn express my own through photography. I’m thinking of a way to channel this new urge into steering me to better nutritional options.   (Down xx.x pounds)


Does walking through Central Park count?




A Brazilian or Portuguese dish with Bacalao, egg, and potatoes. It was delicious, but I managed to stop myself as soon as I felt full.



My mom wanted a nice stead so we went to Del Frisco’s.  I did eat way more than I should have and the only small victory was that I left the dessert unfinished.